Dental implants

Dental Implants

Traditional bridges and dentures are trusted ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth but they do not prevent bone loss.

With dental implants, Dr. Daniel Han at Smile Designer of Leesburg can secure your restoration and keep your jawbone healthy.

Learn more about dental implant treatment at our Leesburg, VA, dental practice...

Dental implants

Why Do We Recommend Dental Implant Treatment?

Implants Are the Most Durable Form of Restoration

If you practice good oral hygiene and attend regular check-ups at our office, your implants could last for decades. We can also evaluate the integrity of your crown, bridge, or denture during these visits and recommend any repairs or replacements. 

Implants Protect the Jaw

Traditional dental restorations only replace the visible portion of a tooth above the gum line. Meanwhile, dental implants replace the tooth roots, significantly improving your jawbone density and oral health. When implants replace these structures, the tissues in the jaw remain stimulated, preventing atrophy and bone recession. 

Implants Provide Security

Traditional dentures are notorious for slipping out of place at critical moments, like speaking in public or playing with your grandchildren. Implants securely anchor your denture in place so you can smile openly and speak with confidence.

How is one tooth restored with an implant?

A Closer Look

Other dentists offer dental implants, so why should I choose your Leesburg office for my treatment?

State-Of-The-Art Dentistry ​in the Comfort of Your Hometown

We know that implant treatment may seem like a big investment of your time and money, but leaving a missing tooth untreated can have serious consequences for your oral and overall health.

At our practice, you can receive customized, state-of-the-art dental implant treatment from a board-certified implant surgeon in the convenience of your hometown.

Dr. Han, working alongside Dr. Sooyeon Ahn and Dr. Kaylin Ju, can perform your treatment from start to finish, allowing you to receive all your care under one roof. To learn more, contact our Leesburg, VA, office today online or by calling:

(703) 777-1162

Smile Designer Leesburg office staff
We can meet all your implant needs under one roof.

5-Star Reviews "...they take the time to get to know people personally"


Todd Robinson


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Always super nice staff and great work. They never rush and are super informative with any advice and recommendations. 
The office was spotless and they really care about following social distancing rules. I had no concern once so ever during my visit. I actually don’t mind going to the dentist.

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Jennifer Bright


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Always have good care. Staff are all so friendly and they take the time to get to know people personally.  So nice to walk in for a cleaning and have them remember our conversation from 6 months prior.

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I'm embarrassed about my tooth loss...

Treatment for Missing Teeth Is Incredibly Common

But can implants help in my particular case?

Why Choose Implants over Traditional Restorations?

Whether you are missing one tooth or several, dental implants are widely considered the closest thing to natural teeth. They mimic the function of tooth roots while delivering the stimulation the jawbone needs to stay healthy, strong, and dense. Unlike traditional restorations, dental implants prevent jawbone recession and help you keep a youthful, defined facial structure.

Looking for a Perfectionist? Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Han

Implant planning and surgical placement of dental implants is technically challenging and requires considerable training and experience to do well. 

Dr. Han at Smile Designer of Leesburg is committed to perfection. He is a board-certified implant surgeon and has years of experience successfully placing dental implants. In addition to hands-on experience, he uses a cone-beam CT scanner with interactive planning software to enhance the treatment planning process.

Then for the actual implant placement, he creates a custom surgical guide that precisely fits the patient’s mouth. This helps ensure implants are positioned at the optimal angle and depth for long-lasting results.  


Dr. Han
Dr. Daniel Han has been voted Top Dentist in the area for the last three years and is proud to bring big-city expertise to Leesburg at an affordable price.

You Can’t Find a Better or More Caring Dentist and Staff


Debbie Currier


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I’ve had many dental problems the past 2 years with old crowns/teeth breaking off at the gum line and Dr Han has been a godsend. He’s done multiple extractions, implants, a sinus lift, and implant crowns and he’s the best periodontist I’ve ever had. His staff is awesome too for everything from cleaning and fillings to Kim’s office management. You can’t find a better or more caring dentist and staff. Also, they’ve always terrific treating my 60 year old Downs Syndrome brother for his dental care.

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Reese Mowery


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Looking for a dentist in Leesburg? Look no further! My wife and I found them walking around first Friday. The folks are more efficient than any dentist office I've been too in the past and I've been to quite a few. Friendly, helpful, and honest. Exactly what my wife and I were looking for!

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This sounds great, but do I even qualify for dental implants?

Requirements for Patients Considering Dental Implants

Good Oral Health

Before recommending implant treatment, our dentists will evaluate your smile and identify any oral health issues like gum disease, cavities, or infection, which could interfere with implant treatment. Fortunately, we can treat virtually all of these issues in-office to give you a healthy foundation.

Good Overall Health

Because implant placement requires oral surgery, you will need to be healthy enough to undergo the dental procedure. This means smokers will need to stop smoking, as smoking increases the likelihood of implant failure. If you are diabetic, you will need to have stable glucose levels prior to dental implant surgery.

Good Jawbone Density

To ensure long-lasting, successful results, implants must be placed in healthy, dense jawbone tissue. If you have some degree of jawbone recession, we may recommend bone augmentation prior to implant placement. Patients whose implants are placed in grafted tissue typically experience similar success rates to those with implants placed in non-grafted bone tissue. The All-on-4 technique may also be an option for some patients with bone atrophy. 

A single-tooth unit consists of a titanium post, a connecting abutment, and a custom-made crown...

Our Leesburg office uses biocompatible titanium implants and the latest technology to give you the best possible care...

High-Tech Tools to Enhance Your Results

At Smile Designer of Leesburg, we are not your typical dental office. Our dental practice is equipped with the latest tools in dentistry, including:

  • CEREC® for same-day restorations
  • DIAGNOdent® for more accurate cavity detection
  • Digital x-rays for fast results and minimized radiation
  • 3-D computed tomography (CT) scanner for more precise, accurate implant placement 

We also custom design surgical guides for patients undergoing implant treatment. Surgical guides, one of the latest advancements in implant technology, help ensure optimal placement of implants. 

By using sophisticated technology such as surgical guides and cone-beam CT scans, we can typically shorten your treatment time and make your recovery faster and more comfortable. 

3-D Panoramic X-Ray Machine

"You Are In Good Hands"


Chi Nguyen


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I am a student at VCU, and while I was visiting my family in Leesburg I needed a crown. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Nguyen very quickly and received the crown the same day as the examination. I couldn't believe how quick and comfortable the whole process was. I am quite sensitive to pain, but there was no pain whatsoever. The injection has always been the scariest part for me but I felt nothing and was numbed up in no time. Dr. Nguyen explained to me what she was going to do so it helps me feel less anxious. Her assistant (Kim) was very welcoming and funny. I had a great experience and wish I actually live in the Leesburg area so I can keep going back to them.

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Debbi Davis


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You are in good hands with Smile Designer of Leesburg. Drs. Han and Ahn combine state-of-the art technology with old-fashioned patient care to produce beautiful smiles. Kim, the dental assistant who now mans the front desk, has been with the practice for years, knows all the patients and is an absolute whiz with insurance. Smile Designer is a 5-star+ practice!

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We Offer Same-Day Teeth

No one wants to be without teeth. Not even for a day. That’s why we strive to have everyone leave implant treatment with a smile they can take confidence in, even as they wait for their final restoration.

In addition to providing temporary restorations when we can, in many cases, we may be able to offer bone and gum grafts at the same time as implant placement to reduce your trips to the practice. We can also often perform extractions and place implants in the same appointment. Once the implants have fused with the bone, you will return to have your permanent restoration placed. 

How do I know which type of dental implant treatment is right for me?

Smile Designer Leesburg Is a One-Stop-Shop for All of Your Dental Needs

attaching a crown to a dental implant
We can perform all stages of implant treatment at our office, saving you the time and hassle of referrals. 

What to Expect during  Dental Implant Treatment 

Dr. Han has undergone extensive training in implant dentistry, allowing him to place your implants at our Leesburg, VA, office with great precision. Treatment length varies for every patient and can change depending on the need for preliminary procedures and whether you are restoring a single tooth or several. Take a look at our standard dental implant treatment timeline...

Dr. Han uses advanced tools like a cone-beam CT scanner and offers various sedation options.
Dr. Han uses advanced tools like a cone-beam CT scanner and offers various sedation options.

Preparatory Procedures

Some patients require preparatory treatment in order to become good candidates for dental implants. Dr. Han can provide procedures such as extractions, bone grafts, sinus lifts, or gum surgery for patients that require prerequisite treatments. In some cases, preparatory procedures can be done at the same time that your implants are placed.

Implant Surgery

During the implant step, Dr. Han will make small incisions in your gums to place the titanium implant posts. Thanks to careful planning using our cone-beam computed tomography scanner, Dr. Han can often place the implant and attach a temporary restoration, such as a crown or denture, immediately so you do not have to go without teeth while you wait for the implant to fuse with the bone and become permanently fixed. 

Healing Period

During a healing period of four to six months, the titanium implant posts will fuse with the bone during a process known as osseointegration. It is important to maintain exceptional oral hygiene during this period of time to prevent infections and other complications.

Abutments and Impressions

Once osseointegration is complete, the doctor will take impressions and digital scans of your mouth to craft a custom restoration for the affected tooth or teeth. 

Dental Restoration

Our trusted lab crafts the permanent restoration out of materials of your choice. When they are ready, the dentist secures the crown, bridge, or denture and checks the positioning and fit. After making any necessary adjustments, the results should look and feel just like your natural teeth.  

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Our practice has been proudly serving the Leesburg community for over 35 years. Dr. Daniel Han, Dr. Sooyeon Ahn, and Dr. Kaylin Ju have been voted as Top Dentists by Northern Virginia Magazine and are affiliated with:

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