Overcrowded, crooked, or gapped teeth can affect your oral health, appearance, and self-esteem.

Fortunately, our specialty-trained orthodontist, Dr. Sooyeon Ahn, can straighten your teeth with braces, tooth-colored brackets, and Invisalign®.

Learn how Leesburg, VA, patients can achieve a more attractive smile with orthodontics at Smile Designer of Leesburg.

The Lifelong Benefits of Orthodontics

Improved Self Esteem

Crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Orthodontics boosts your confidence by giving you a straight, radiant smile you'll feel proud of and love showing off.

Variety of Options

We offer a range of orthodontic treatment options at our Leesburg dental office. Whether you're interested in clear aligners or braces, our orthodontist can help find the best option that fits your lifestyle.

Saves Money in Long Run

Orthodontics is an investment in your oral health. Straighter teeth significantly reduce the risk of dental issues such as decay or gum disease, saving you time and money in the long run.

How Common Is Orthodontic Treatment?

An estimated 50-75% could benefit from orthodontic treatment and an estimated 4.5 million Americans are currently wearing braces on their teeth.

While most patients straightening their teeth with orthodontics are children and teens, about one-third of current patients are adults.

*According to the American Association of Orthodontists


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A Straighter Smile, a More Confident You Request Your Consultation Today

Misalignment can affect your self-confidence, causing you to cover your teeth and mouth when you smile, talk, or laugh. That explains why many individuals who have straightened their teeth with orthodontics experience improved confidence. Straighter teeth and a more attractive smile can make people feel more comfortable in social situations.

If you're ready to discover how orthodontics can positively impact your life, book a consultation with our Dr. Ahn.

To get started, fill out our online form and we'll be in touch. You can also call our office at:

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Using Technology and Training to Determine Your Candidacy

3D CT scanner

We offer multiple types of orthodontics at our office in Leesburg, VA. During your orthodontic consultation, Dr. Ahn will evaluate your smile and bite, take pictures of your teeth and facial structures, and discuss your concerns and expectations to decide which orthodontic technique is right for you. We use the latest technology when evaluating orthodontic patients, including 3D CT scanners and digital X-rays.

Typically, Invisalign clear aligners are recommended for simple to moderate cases of misalignment. If you have a more challenging case with a greater degree of misalignment, you may be a better candidate for traditional or ceramic braces. Luckily, by choosing our board-certified orthodontist, you'll be visiting a dental professional who is qualified to offer both clear aligners and braces.

Leesburg orthodontics team

Our Leesburg orthodontics team is excited to meet you!

Contact Our Dental Office to Schedule an Appointment

At Smile Designer of Leesburg, we are committed to providing patients with high-quality dental care. Dr. Sooyeon Ahn is a board-certified orthodontist experienced in the use of the latest technology and most advanced techniques. During your personal consultation, she can determine which orthodontic option is best suited to your needs.

With various insurance, financing, and payment plan options available, orthodontic treatment is an option for virtually everyone at our practice in Leesburg, VA. To request an orthodontic evaluation for yourself or your child, contact our dental practice or give us a call at:

(703) 777-1162

Can Orthodontic Treatment Be Covered by Insurance?

Most basic plans do contribute to the cost of orthodontics, including Invisalign. That's because it can actually improve your overall oral health.

How? It makes it easier for you to brush and floss properly. In turn, this reduces chances of decay and the potential need for restorative treatments.

Our practice will be glad to speak to your insurance provider on your behalf to help you make the most of your benefits. 

If you need help budgeting for any out-of-pocket dentistry expenses, we can help you explore financing.

Going Above and Beyond For Our Dental Patients

"This is the best dental practice ever. All of the staff and the doctors are caring in addition to being extremely competent. From regular cleanings to more complicated procedures, they can be counted on for superior work with a kind and professional approach. I also had a dental emergency at one point; the team was very supportive and went out of their way to take care of me as soon as possible. Many thanks to Dr. Han, Dr. Ju, and Kim for the great work!" Megan Findlay Bailey

Braces vs. Invisalign
How Do These Orthodontic Options Work?


Braces illustration showing the elastic o-rings that hold the archwire in place, coiled springs that are sometimes used to pull teeth apart, brackets that are cemented to each tooth, archwire that slowly guides teeth into place, hooks that can anchor rubber bands for more extensive alignment, and bands around the molars that anchor the archwire

Braces may be a better option for individuals who have more severe dental misalignment issues or overcrowding. This highly effective treatment can take anywhere from several months to a few years to correct orthodontic issues.


Invisalign tray fits securely over the teeth to gently correct alignment

Invisalign is ideal for teens and adults who desire a more comfortable and discreet orthodontic option. Unfortunately, Invisalign is not effective for all patients. Those with mild to moderate issues are typically the best candidates.

Early Orthodontic Treatment: What Is It, and What Are the Benefits?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, pediatric patients should receive an evaluation from an orthodontic specialist before they are seven years old. Early orthodontic treatment, also known as Phase One treatment, is a specific method used for our younger patients. Our doctors can prescribe early orthodontic treatment during your child's regular checkup. This can help:

  • Establish healthy jaw growth
  • Correct protruding teeth
  • Lower risk of damage to prominent front teeth
  • Shorten treatment with braces or aligners in the future
  • Guide the teeth into a more favorable position and prevent issues when your child is older

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The Orthodontic Treatment Timeline

Our team will create an orthodontic treatment plan that works for your lifestyle, addresses your concerns, and stays within your budget.
Our team will create an orthodontic treatment plan that works for your lifestyle, addresses your concerns, and stays within your budget.


During your initial consultation at our Leesburg, VA, office, Dr. Ahn will conduct a thorough evaluation and determine which orthodontic option is best for your needs. We use advanced technology to gain a comprehensive view of your teeth and jaw in order to create your custom treatment plan. Any existing dental issues such as an infection or tooth decay need to be addressed at our office before starting braces or Invisalign.

Active Treatment

After selecting the orthodontic treatment, we will begin the braces or Invisalign process. For braces, brackets are attached and bonded to the teeth. A wire is then looped through the brackets and tightened to ensure the teeth gradually shift. For Invisalign patients, we take impressions of your teeth and send the images to an Invisalign lab. There, trusted technicians create your series of custom aligners.


The treatment timeline varies for each individual depending on the level of misalignment. Patients must periodically visit our office so Dr. Ahn can monitor their progress and ensure everything is on the right track. Braces patients have monthly appointments to adjust their wires and guide the teeth into the desired position. Invisalign patients also have periodic checkups to monitor treatment progress.


Your new smile is complete. At the end of your treatment, Dr. Ahn will provide aftercare instructions to ensure your teeth stay in the optimal position. Braces patients must wear a nightly retainer to sleep, and Invisalign patients can wear a retainer or their last set of aligners. It's also important to maintain proper oral hygiene and keep up with regular dental visits to ensure lasting results.

Which Type of Orthodontic Is Right for You? Ask a Board-Certified Expert

Dr. Ahn

A straight, properly aligned smile won't just look great—it will make it far easier to maintain your oral health, which can save you a considerable amount of money on restorative dental work in the future. But with so many options, which one is the best for you or your child? 

Dr. Ahn is a board-certified orthodontist who has helped adults and children alike enhance their oral health, their smile, and their confidence through custom orthodontic treatment, like clear aligners or ceramic braces. During a private consultation, she will assess your teeth and other oral tissues, and review your dental records to determine which approach will provide you with the best possible benefits. 

Let's get started achieving a smile that can stay healthy and attractive for the rest of your life. Send our Leesburg, VA, office a messagerequest a consultation, or call us directly to explore your options:

Perfecting Your Smile After Orthodontics

Many of our Leesburg orthodontics patients come to us with concerns beyond the alignment of their teeth. If that's the case for you, once your orthodontic treatment is complete, we can fine-tune the appearance of your smile with other treatments like these. You'll be comfortable and confident showing off a straight, vibrant, and healthy-looking smile before you know it!
Veneer placed over tooth


Are you unhappy with the shape, symmetry, or size of your teeth? Or do they have small chips or cracks? Veneers can refine all of these issues at once, giving you a stunning smile.

before and after whitening

Teeth Whitening

Invisalign works hard to straighten your teeth, but it can't adjust the color of your enamel. We can use teeth whitening to add a beautiful final touch to your new smile.

Crown placement

Dental Crowns

We primarily use dental crowns to address functional and structural concerns, like breakage and decay. In some select cases, it's also possible that they can assist with cosmetic insecurities.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontics

My child isn't a candidate for Invisalign, but they are dreading having to wear traditional braces. Is there a happy medium we could explore?

Yes! Tooth-colored brackets are a dentistry solution that can provide the unique benefits of conventional braces, but in a much more discreet way that can help your child feel less self-conscious about the look of their smile. Our Leesburg office is glad to help you and your child explore this option during your consultation.

Do I really have to wear a retainer after my treatment is complete?

Yes, but don't worry—our dentists will customize your retainer to achieve an outstanding fit that won't compromise your comfort while you sleep. Our dentistry professionals in Leesburg aim to make your oral care a supremely comfortable fit for your lifestyle, and you can depend on us to make your retainer an easy addition to your normal routine.

How old do patients have to be to explore orthodontics at your Leesburg, VA, office?

We offer treatment for all ages. Our Leesburg orthodontics patients can often begin their care with early orthodontics, but you're also never too old to receive care. Many of our patients are adults. With discreet clear aligners, people often don't even notice you're straightening your teeth, making Invisalign a great choice for busy, professional adults.

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