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Our team continues to provide a safe, sterile environment for patients by cleaning and sanitizing our practice on a regular basis, providing hand sanitizer to patients, and cleaning each area thoroughly after use. We have implemented and trained our team on the latest safety measures. The HEPA filtration system is constantly on throughout the office. All personnel are wearing personal protection gear at all times. Please call the office when you arrive and we will let you know if your room is ready. Please wear your mask. Upon your arrival, we will take your temperature and oxygen level. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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Root Canal Treatment

Do you have a toothache or a tooth that is suddenly very sensitive to hot or cold? You may have an infected tooth in need of a root canal.

If so, it's best to seek root canal treatment now so you can avoid pain and the need for tooth extraction.

At Smile Designer of Leesburg, VA, we use gentle, state-of-the-art methods to bring relief and save your tooth. 

Are You in Pain Now?

We treat acute pain as an emergency and will see you as soon as possible. Root canal treatment by our skilled dentists is virtually painless.

"Great Experience."


Pam Early


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Loved this office. No pressure sales, didn’t try to sell me all kinds of services just because I have good insurance like a previous office. Comfortable and loved everyone there.

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Catherine Roseberry


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Great experience at Smile Designers. Felt entirely confident and reassured in the hands of Dr. Han and his assistant. Not unimportantly, being terrified of needles: Dr. Han is the best with syringes that I have ever experienced. I barely felt it! And Kim, at the front desk, is delightful. Catherine Roseberry

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What Is a Tooth Infection?

infected tooth

A tooth infection happens when bacteria invade the interior of a tooth, which includes the root canals (centers of the tooth roots). Teeth have a hard outer surface and an inner layer, called dentin, that is porous. In the center is the pulp cavity, which is filled with nerves and blood vessels.

If a tooth has been damaged, either by decay or an injury, an infection can enter the pulp cavity and root canals. Left untreated, the infection kills the pulp and can spread to other parts of the body, and even be life-threatening. A root canal is a simple way to eliminate the infection and protect your oral health.

Get Relief from a Tooth Infection in Just One Visit  With Virtually Painless Root Canal Treatment

Do you suspect you need a root canal? If so, it's important to have your tooth examined as soon as possible. The skilled dentists at Smile Designer of Leesburg, VA, use high-tech digital x-rays and a gentle touch to examine your tooth. If necessary, we will use a cone-beam CT scanner to pinpoint the source of the pain and plan treatment. 

In many cases, we can treat the root canal and place a crown on the same day using our advanced CEREC® technology. However, in some cases, we may choose a more conservative path and wait before crowning your tooth to ensure the infection has been completely eliminated.

We bring big-city expertise to Leesburg without the big-city prices. If your symptoms leave you unsure that you need root canal treatment, we suggest calling. We can talk about what you are experiencing and recommend the appropriate next steps for your situation. We have offices in both Leesburg and Arlington.


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"You Are In Good Hands with Smile Designer."


Reese Mowery


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Looking for a dentist in Leesburg? Look no further! My wife and I found them walking around first Friday. The folks are more efficient than any dentist office I've been too in the past and I've been to quite a few. Friendly, helpful, and honest. Exactly what my wife and I were looking for!

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Debbi Davis


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You are in good hands with Smile Designer of Leesburg. Drs. Han and Ahn combine state-of-the art technology with old-fashioned patient care to produce beautiful smiles. Kim, the dental assistant who now mans the front desk, has been with the practice for years, knows all the patients and is an absolute whiz with insurance. Smile Designer is a 5-star+ practice!

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Can I Wait to Get a Root Canal?

Waiting too long can result in tooth loss.

Unfortunately, infected pulp in a root canal will not heal on its own. The infected pulp needs to be removed and the pulp cavity must be disinfected to eliminate all traces of bacteria. 

Sometimes people think the root canal has healed itself because they no longer feel pain, but that just signals the nerves inside the tooth have died. The infection remains. If it is left untreated, the infection can spread to your jaw, your blood, and throughout your body. 

Will I Lose My Tooth?

Getting a root canal treatment as soon as possible is the best course of action and, if done in a timely fashion, can avoid further damage to the tooth and the need for a tooth extraction.

Unfortunately, if the damage is too extensive, the tooth may need to be removed. If this occurs, we will likely recommend a dental implant and crown to keep other teeth from shifting out of place and to restore your ability to chew food normally. A dental implant will also stimulate bone growth in the jaw, keeping it strong. Our implantologist, Dr. Daniel Han, is board-certified. 

How a Root Canal Is Performed

Root Canal Procedure

A root canal procedure is your first step to being pain-free when infection invades a tooth. The dentists at Smile Designer of Leesburg use advanced dental techniques to make root canal treatment comfortable and effective without having to go to an endodontist. We use digital x-rays and cone-beam CT scanners, when necessary, to carefully plan your root canal treatment.
We use high-end porcelain and zirconia to create crowns that will protect teeth after a root canal.
We use high-end porcelain and zirconia to create crowns that will protect teeth after a root canal.

Numbing the Treatment Area

Your comfort is our priority, so the first step is applying a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and ensure virtually pain-free care.

Accessing the Canals

The dentist will create an access point in the tooth to treat the root canals and pulp cavity.

Treating the Infection

The dentist will remove the soft pulp from the root canals. Then the interior pulp cavity will be disinfected. To strengthen the tooth, posts may be inserted into the root canals. 

Filling the Cavity

The pulp chamber will be filled with a rubber-like substance called gutta-percha and sealed. 

Protecting the Tooth

In many cases, a crown is added to a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment to strengthen it. Your dentist at Smile Designer may create the crown and apply it on the same day as your treatment using our CEREC technology. However, some people will be given a temporary crown to wear for a few weeks to ensure the infection has been entirely removed before a permanent crown is placed. 

Are You Concerned About a Tooth?

The Smile Designer Leesburg office

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